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Stories From Our 2020 Report

Families Learning Together

AUSTIN — Cristina Guajardo, 42, recently moved to Texas, where she and her toddler are now part of a two-generational program that provides a combination of quality child care services and early childhood education so that parents can work and attend college classes. Read the Transcript
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Love Your Neighbor

DALLAS — Serena Smuckers, 59, lives on a fixed income and struggles with finding affordable housing due to rising apartment costs. In pinching pennies, she became a full-time caregiver for a medically fragile stranger she found online in exchange for a roof over her head. Read the Transcript

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Healthy Women & Families

TYLER — Francesca Williams, 30, struggles with health insurance costs. Medicaid covered her during pregnancy and 30 days postpartum. Professional opportunities are limited in her rural community as she works towards a nursing degree. Having the Nurse Family Partnership continue to provide medical information and motivation is a big help. Read the Transcript

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New Pathways to Success

LUBBOCK — Brandi Miller, 30, was months away from graduating when the for-profit college she was attending suddenly closed with two days’ notice. Left with frustration, student debt, and a partially completed degree, she was encouraged to continue pursuing a postsecondary education by a local nonprofit and now has her sights set on a Master’s. Read the Transcript

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