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Stories From Our 2020 Report

Building a Legacy

FORT WORTH — Patrevia Moore, 32, and her daughters relied on federal housing subsidies for eight years. Financial literacy programs helped her save money and receive matching funds for a down payment toward owning a home. Read the Transcript
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Making College a Reality

EL PASO — Elizabeth Cruz, 43, works as a custodian and her daughter Victoria Cruz, 13, is a middle-school student. Through participating in a two-generational program, Con Mi MADRE, they now know that attending college is a potential reality for both of them — not just a dream. Read the Transcript

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It Takes A Village

DALLAS — Ashley Walker, 36, is a working mother who has six children enrolled in free after-school programs. She sees how community after-school programs strengthen child development, support parents’ careers and lift families out of poverty. Read the Transcript

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Healthy Women & Families

TYLER — Francesca Williams, 30, struggles with health insurance costs. Medicaid covered her during pregnancy and 30 days postpartum. Professional opportunities are limited in her rural community as she works towards a nursing degree. Having the Nurse Family Partnership continue to provide medical information and motivation is a big help. Read the Transcript

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