Newcomers Navigating the Market

HOUSTON — Van Trinh, 25, emigrated from Saigon, Vietnam, and knows firsthand that navigating lengthy housing leases and apartment applications is difficult when there’s a language barrier. She works at a nonprofit helping immigrant and refugee families who face the same translation challenges that her family continues to face. Read the Transcript

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Constructing An Equitable Community

DONNA — Perla Sauceda, 39, quit high school upon realizing she was pregnant. She later joined a Proyecto Azteca program where youth earn a GED while being paid to construct homes for low-income families in the Rio Grande Valley. She’s now made a career out of building a brighter future. Read the Transcript

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Love Your Neighbor

DALLAS — Serena Smuckers, 59, lives on a fixed income and struggles with finding affordable housing due to rising apartment costs. In pinching pennies, she became a full-time caregiver for a medically fragile stranger she found online in exchange for a roof over her head. Read the Transcript

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Building a Legacy

FORT WORTH — Patrevia Moore, 32, and her daughters relied on federal housing subsidies for eight years. Financial literacy programs helped her save money and receive matching funds for a down payment toward owning a home. Read the Transcript

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