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Stories From Our 2020 Report

Early College, Early Opportunities

HOUSTON — Shahad Alfartosy, 20, lived her childhood in an Iraqi war zone with an unstable academic environment, so her family came to the U.S. as refugees. She completed 60 college credit hours while in high school, earning access to competitive medical programs earlier than she expected. Read the Transcript
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Healthy Women & Families

TYLER — Francesca Williams, 30, struggles with health insurance costs. Medicaid covered her during pregnancy and 30 days postpartum. Professional opportunities are limited in her rural community as she works towards a nursing degree. Having the Nurse Family Partnership continue to provide medical information and motivation is a big help. Read the Transcript

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Constructing An Equitable Community

DONNA — Perla Sauceda, 39, quit high school upon realizing she was pregnant. She later joined a Proyecto Azteca program where youth earn a GED while being paid to construct homes for low-income families in the Rio Grande Valley. She’s now made a career out of building a brighter future. Read the Transcript

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Teaching the Teachers

AUSTIN — Dawn Leach has devoted decades toward teaching the next generation of child care providers at Austin Community College. She knows the growing challenges child care providers face, and how access to adequate, affordable child care factors into students’ academic success and workforce opportunities. Read the Transcript

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