Early College, Early Opportunities

HOUSTON — Shahad Alfartosy, 20, lived her childhood in an Iraqi war zone with an unstable academic environment, so her family came to the U.S. as refugees. She completed 60 college credit hours while in high school, earning access to competitive medical programs earlier than she expected. Read the Transcript

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New Pathways to Success

LUBBOCK — Brandi Miller, 30, was months away from graduating when the for-profit college she was attending suddenly closed with two days’ notice. Left with frustration, student debt, and a partially completed degree, she was encouraged to continue pursuing a postsecondary education by a local nonprofit and now has her sights set on a Master’s. Read the Transcript

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Making College a Reality

EL PASO — Elizabeth Cruz, 43, works as a custodian and her daughter Victoria Cruz, 13, is a middle-school student. Through participating in a two-generational program, Con Mi MADRE, they now know that attending college is a potential reality for both of them — not just a dream. Read the Transcript

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