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The Key Pillars

Stable Housing

Housing is an anchor of economic security.

For most women, housing represents the single largest cost in their budgets.

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Health Insurance

Health insurance is a financial shield that many working-age women do not have.

Women and girls need health care, but for uninsured women, illness or an accident poses a serious threat to their economic security.

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Child Care

Access to child care is a critical work support Texas women need.

In many cases, the lack of affordable child care can force women who want or need to work to remain outside of the job market.

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Education is the primary pathway to better-paying jobs and economic security.

With each step up in their education, women in Texas tend to earn more.

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Policy Recommendations

Texas policymakers need to support women in the workforce and their economic security, especially when it comes to reducing disparities for women of color. Policymakers can strengthen equal pay for equal work policies and establish paid family and medical leave programs. Making college and higher education more affordable creates pathways to economic opportunity. Fully funding pre-K programs, increasing subsidized child care, and implementing paid sick leave policies support families’ economic stability.

Improving access to health care and crafting health insurance options that close the coverage gap for low-income adult women also helps Texas retain billions in federal aid. Working to help communities secure federal housing funding provides survivors of domestic violence and Texans of various backgrounds with a foundation for economic security. These policies, along with continued public-private partnerships, will go a long way towards providing fair opportunities so women of all backgrounds can reach their full potential.

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